August 31st, 2008

The Reverse of Engrish – Hanzi Smatter

I am often asked: “What about the reverse of Engrish? Can’t you post westerners messing up Asian languages?”  I suppose I could try, but I would rather post a link to someone who does it right and has a vast knowledge of Chinese. Tian of has amassed a great collection of tattoos, clothing, etc. found on Americans that are mangled or have meanings other than what was originally intended.

Go now for happy thinkful Chinese character time!

August 30th, 2008

Something error message happens

Please let me know in the comments if you see any error messages when surfing the site. We encountered a couple of small glitches here and there – which is to be expected with a new launch. I upped the memory on the server and it seems to be working much better since.

Thank you for you.

August 30th, 2008

4 New Shirts at the Store!

Have a purchase! From now on will be rolling out new t-shirt designs like there tomorrow not is. We are starting off the new store design with 4 great new shirts:

<strong>4 New Shirt Designs at the Store</strong>

4 New Shirt Designs at the Store

We are now exclusively using American Apparel shirts (made in the USA – no sweatshops) for all branded shirts. They are a bit costlier but you have been asking for them for years. I used to be a Hanes guy, but I am completely sold on American Apparel shirts – they are quite comfortable and the quality is much better.

August 30th, 2008 is Newly Tasty Improved Enhanced!

New site occurs! As you can see has been completely redesigned from the up-ground. The site is now powered by WordPress, and features voting, caption commentary, email a friend, RSS feeds – the works.

Bye bye ye olde

Bye bye ye olde

Main Site: The main portion of the site is still gallery-driven with all your favorite Engrish intact. Thumbnails don’t work the same in WordPress so I have opted not to use them for now. Instead of regular commentary, I want to encourage everyone to come up with fun captions to enhance the humor of the Engrish posts. Anything other than captions may be deleted, unless it is informative and relevant to the Engrish.


The “Brog”: The focus of this “brog” section of the site will be to link to interesting Engrish phenomena around the net, and quirky Japan pop-culture references with insights from Yours Truly. I will scour the Japan blogosphere for interesting stuff and translate it at here!

New Store

New Store

The Store: The store has been completely revamped – now you can see all of our products on the front page. We have added 4 new t-shirt designs and 3 new books to our correction. The Store will continue to bring new products at a frantic pace throughout the year – you can look forward to more shirts, mug cups, print on demand cards and calendars, stickers, etc.

I want to thank Unique Blog Designs for their help in realizing my vision for a new Engrish portal. They are great designers and programmers and I highly recommend their services for anything WordPress.

I hope that you all enjoy the new layout. If not, you’ll get used to it.

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