December 17th, 2008

Rearry bud for me?

Looks like there is some branded Engrish Hemp merchandise in Japan. In addition to the lighter from today’s Engrish, you can see a similar design and copy on various products, including a sticker and pencil case (I received these all from different people): 

My guess is that the designer of these products knows what ‘dope’ is all about, but that the products themselves are bought primarily by people who have no clue that it is a drug – the education and availability of marijuana in Japan is limited. 

Is this ‘pencil case’ used to store anything else you think?

December 16th, 2008

Mini truck drifting

I always loved the miniature trucks in Japan – I never tire of their cute compact size. Now someone is doing full speed drifting effects on one in what looks like a parking lot: 

December 12th, 2008

Postcard from Engrand…

Been kinda busy – hence the lack of brogging lately. I was just going through my personal photos of 2008 and found this gorgeous shot I took while driving on the freeway in the morning toward Kapolei here on Oahu (I live in Hawaii): 

Click on photo to enlarge – looks much better in larger size. 

I am certainly not a professional photographer – I just noticed the striking rays of sunlight while driving and took out my trusty digital camera, aimed at the sun, and shot away while looking forward. Off in the distance you can see Diamond Head. 

Of course this brog will never turn into a personal brog with photos of kids and parties, but every once in a while I thought I would share some of the magic of Hawaii that I have captured ‘on film’.

December 1st, 2008

Cigarettes that improve your health?!

Sosu Company in Japan has just invented healthy cigarettes. New from their ‘Nicolestyle’ line of products ( “Nicolestyle” is short for “Nicotine-less Style”), the Mismo cigarette is actually a battery powered contraption that when inhaled,  emits flavored steam (water vapor) in your mouth while the tip glows by way of a small LED light. Flavors include grapefruit or mint and one flavor cartridge will last for 300 inhales. 

They didn’t stop there – the cigarette is free of nicotine and tar, but it also provides you with essential nutrients CoQ10 and Vitamin C! 

The machine actually converts moisture from the air into steam to inhale. Here is a translation of the awesome diagram from their website

 How the ‘smoke’ (water vapor) is generated: 

                          LED Light |  Battery |  Water Vapor Converter |  Cartridge |  Mouthpiece

        Moisture taken from the air   |   Water inside the filter |  Comes out as water vapor                              

I know, you must be worried about the battery life of such a machine – but I have answers for you. The cigarette comes with a recharging machine so all you have to do is take the flavor cartridge out of the cigarette and twist it in the charger, and it is done when the LED light comes back on. The very first charge takes 10 hrs, but after that it should only take 3~4 hours to complete.

Still confused? Maybe this video will help (click on pause once, then play to start up).

The Nicolestyle Mismo cigarette comes with the cigarette, recharger and a flavor cartridge and retails for about $126.00 (¥12,600). New flavor cartridges retail for $10.50 (¥1050). 

Found by way of J-Cast – a Japanese news site.  If you want to learn more about the Mismo, check out their website (in Japanese only).

December 1st, 2008

Does Korea have less Engrish?

This photo was sent in as an Engrish submission on many occasions, but it is actually an ad for a book on how to speak English correctly – the English text is from a famous Engrish blunder and is used as an example: 

Photo courtesy of Brad Kelly

I’ve often wondered why I do not get more Engrish samples sent in from Korea. There are certainly a number of Engrish from Korea (as the Engrish from Other Countries section can attest to), but not nearly as many as Japan or China.

The Korean and Japanese languages have a similar grammatical structure, and they are both incredibly different from English pronunciation-wise, so I am not sure that we can account for the dearth of Engrish in Korea too much on the differences in the source language.  Maybe the Korean English educational system is better than that found in Japan?

My hunch is that it is mostly a pop culture thing. Although an outsider can see many similarities in Japanese and Korean pop culture, Koreans don’t seem to want to use English nearly as much to decorate their products and advertising. I guess English doesn’t have the ‘cool’ appeal that it does in Japan? 

Of course I am only guessing from my limited knowledge of Korea. Maybe someone can enlighten me a bit more?

November 28th, 2008

Black Flyday!

Today only at the Store, get 15% off anything in the store by using this coupon: 


This special discount is only being offered to Twitter followers and people who happen to peruse this brog post today.  Just type in the above code when you see this during your checkout session: 

Only one rule – gotta purchase over $10 of merchandise.  Offer good on Black Flyday only!

November 26th, 2008

The most ignored sign in history…

Going through pics, I found this funny one:

Not quite Engrish, but possibly the most ignored sign in China..


Photo courtesy of Kyrani Notaras.
Found in a park in China.

November 24th, 2008

ITN Reports on Man Bras

As a follow up to my last entry on the bras for men, I found this video from ITN reporting on the subject: 

Found by way of Japan Probe.

November 21st, 2008

Descartes ‘Engrish’ shirt

I have a lot of photos of shirts with Engrish gibberish on them – many of them are more incoherent than funny so I just kind of put them to the side. This photo caught my eye last night as I was reviewing pics. Just as I was contemplating putting it up as an Engrish of the Day, the thought occurred to me that I should Google the contents to make sure that it is not from a song or something (and get the inevitable emails saying “Hey, that’s not Engrish – that’s from a Billy Joel song!”  – some people love to discredit Engrish whenever possible).

Photo courtesy of Sam and Connie Chow. Shirt found in Tokyo.


Turns out that the phrase on the shirt isn’t quite Engrish after all – it was taken from the middle of Descartes Meditations on First Philosophy (Meditation 2, Paragraph 5). How could I have possibly confused the words of “I think therefore I am” Descartes with Engrish? Cursed these shirt designers and their randomly generated shirts!

I dunno, out of context the sentence still seems kind of Engrishy…

November 20th, 2008

Bras for Men – Available now in Japan

Not only have men’s bras been available for a while in Japan, they just reached the number 1 spot on one of Japan’s largest online shops ‘Rakuten’, according to this Japanese news article. The bras come in black, white and pink, and are made of materials that give a luster look and stretchy feel. Why men’s bras you ask? The Rakuten shop says that it will “make you feel more gentle” and “give you a sense of relief – because that is a very important feeling to have”. 

Wonder if the dude knows what he is posing for?!

Interested in buying one? Need more info? You can purchase one here at Rakuten. The shopping site goes into more detail, including these four selling points: 

Point 1:  Specially chosen materials.

Made from the same “Felica” fibers used in popular men’s shorts. Has beautiful shine. Feels soft to the touch. Stretches to fit just right. 






Point 2: Freedom of the perfect fit. 

Bras designed with a “glasses shape” to the front middle section – the most important part of a bra. The front of the bra will move/adapt according to the shape of your chest. 





Point 3:  Helps you relax. 

Bra features a very soft shoulder strap, which is different from bras for women. Emphasis is on relaxation more than building up your bust. 







Point 4:  Capable of “Volume Up!” 

Pad pockets are included on the inside of the bra, so you can throw a pad in there to “pump up the volume!”. 






Look, if you are still not satisfied, check out this picture from the shop – the guy is in complete ecstasy!

The final text here really gets to the point – the bra is really for borderline transexual metrosexuals. Here is a translation: 

“Times like these call for a Men’s Bra

  • Even us guys want to know how a woman feels!
  • We want to reel in our emotions! (lit. “strain/tighten our emotions”)
  • I have the body of a man, but I’m a guy who feels like a little girl!
  • I want to remember a gentle feeling.
  • I need support for my chest!
  • There are sure to be many reasons, but the most important thing is to feel gentle/tender.”
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