Doggie Washer-Dryer

Who wants to do this by hand anyway?

My Tissue Box Cover

This was recently found in a Tokyo toy store – pretty sick if you ask me… Photo courtesy of Karen Clifford.

Cigarettes that improve your health?!

Sosu Company in Japan has just invented healthy cigarettes. New from their ‘Nicolestyle’ line of products ( “Nicolestyle” is short for “Nicotine-less Style”), the Mismo cigarette is actually a battery powered contraption that when inhaled,  emits flavored steam (water vapor) in your mouth while the tip glows by way of a small LED light. Flavors include […]

ITN Reports on Man Bras

As a follow up to my last entry on the bras for men, I found this video from ITN reporting on the subject:  Found by way of Japan Probe.

The Chewing Sensor – Lord help us!

 Tired of manually counting your children’s chew count? A Japanese company has the answer – called the “Kami Kami Sensor” (‘kami’ means ‘chewing’), all you have to do is hook this contraption up to their jaw and it does all the counting for you!  Based on the theory that chewing at least 30 times before […]

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