27 shirt designs to be discontinued – now on sale for $9.95!

When overstock occurs- you’ll purchase! Please relieve our excess. The time has come to bid many designs farewell – 28 27 to be exact. These shirts are now on sale for $9.95 until they sell out completely. They will not be coming back, so you may want to grab your favorites before they are gone […]

Department Store Boutique Shops

Here is a typical Japanese department store signage showing various boutique shops for women. Some interesting names – one stands out in particular: Photo courtesy of Michael Tokuyama. Found at Shinjuku Department Store (Tokyo).

Let’s play with me!

This sign was found in a clothing store in São Miguel, Azores, Portugal. I wonder how crowded the fitting rooms got…  Photo courtesy of Derek “Orpheum” Silva.

New the shirt! – Lakeside Inn

The ultimate souvenir shirt from Lakeside Inn! Taken from one of our most popular Brog posts, the Lakeside Inn design continues to this day to baffle guests to this esteemed Chinese resort. I’ve heard it’s a ‘dump’, so you may want to change your reservations… (The Chinese characters above say “Lakeside Inn”.) Printed as always on high quality American Apparel t-shirts (made in the […]

Detroit Patriots!

In Detroit’s wildest dreams! Photo courtesy of Eric Richardson. Today is Detroit day at Engrish.com – check out the Engrish of the Day!

Posters now on sale at the Engrish.com Store!

Engrish posters are now on sale at the store in 10 new designs. Posters are all 12″ x 18″ and are printed on heavy 110 lb stock paper. Check out each one here in high resolution. Our newest shirt Carrot Game and all other shirts remain at their discounted prices ($12.95 or $16.95). The free Joys of Engrish book offer has entered […]

Teaching English in Japan has its fun moments…

Especially when you get reports like this one:  Found via Matador Study. The image was originally found on the blog of Abram Plaut who sometimes showcases funny Engrish from his students. The image was Dugg a little over a month ago, but I wanted to chronicle it here for easy Engrish access.

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