Makes sense to me…

Twice as good…

Something is about to happy (birthday)

I received this email the other day and needless to say, I thought it was awesome: “Every year my mom makes my birthday cake. . .except this year, the year I turned 32, because this year a storm badly damaged her house and the house is under reconstruction, meaning that she didn’t have an oven […]

9 Year Old Takes on Pro-Wrestler

Looks believable to me…

Shouldn’t it be: “Do not stand here at all”…?

Five minutes tops… Found in Songshan, China. Photo courtesy of Lin Hwang.

Kit Kat Ripoff

This bootleg Kit Kat from Korea seems to get the name wrong twice… Photo courtesy of Susan Brackhahn.

Loving You Tote Bag

I think their intentions were good… Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Mills. Found in Korea.

Caution: Umm… beware of….?

Can anyone tell me what this sign signifies? Watch your kids?  Beware of men with hats and little girls? Photo courtesy of Claude Rollande. Street sign found in Japan.

Binocular Soccer Game

Let’s see what happens when you play soccer with binoculars strapped to your head! You can tell by the age (and hairstyles) of the hosts that this video is from the 80’s or early 90’s, but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious.

Ministry of Silly Walks – Japan Style

I believe I tweeted about this video a year ago, but recently ran across it again by chance and saw that it has almost 1.4 million views. It is simply Japanese people walking goofy and set to cool music:

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