Black Flyday!

Today only at the Store, get 15% off anything in the store by using this coupon:  brack-flyday This special discount is only being offered to Twitter followers and people who happen to peruse this brog post today.  Just type in the above code when you see this during your checkout session:  Only one rule […]

New Engrish Coffee Mugs at the Store!

Engrish mugs of you are large! 15 ounce! Size! And they ceramic it for microwave safe times. Let’s caffeine happy pleasant with me. For a limited time, we are offering the mugs at an introductory price of only $9.95. This will soon revert to their normal price of $10.95 before it know you!  Shop for […]

2 New Shirts at the Store!

  Added two new shirts to the store today – the God-Jesus Robot shirt and Fight Peaceful.  The God-Jesus Robot has been a fan favorite since 2002. As many of you already know, the God Jesus Robot was a toy that came out in Japan in the 1980’s as a fortune telling robot. He would […]

Re-Stickable Stickers at the Store!

We just started selling stickers again at the store. These are better than the bumper stickers that we used to sell since they are vinyl adhesives that can stick and re-stick. Put them on your fridge, laptop, car, etc. and don’t worry about removing them later on – they are easily removable and re-stickable!     […]

4 New Shirts at the Store!

Have a purchase! From now on will be rolling out new t-shirt designs like there tomorrow not is. We are starting off the new store design with 4 great new shirts: We are now exclusively using American Apparel shirts (made in the USA – no sweatshops) for all branded shirts. They are a […]

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