5 New Poster Designs at the Engrish.com Store!

Five new poster designs just went on sale at the Engrish.com Store. If people are having too much fun or there are missing feet in your vicinity, (or you are simply full of yearnings and dreams) these could come in handy. Also to the calendar knowledge! You can now choose what month to start building […]

Win a $100 Shopping Spree at the Engrish.com Store!

Yes! The winning time is at here! Enter the first ever Engrish.com Facebook contest to win up to a $100 shopping spree at the Engrish.com Store. Anyone can enter to win the following: 1st place winner: $100 shopping spree at Engrish.com Store 5 runner ups: Win a free “More Chinglish” book. Entering is easy: 1. […]

Hoodies on Sale at the Engrish.com Store

Engrish Hoodie – So finery the garment! I heard it is cold out there (I don’t know – I live in Honolulu…), so I wanted to offer you a great deal on our hoodies – use the following coupon for 15% off any of them: discount-the-hoodie Coupon is good until January 20th, so don’t wait […]

Holiday Savings at the Engrish.com Store!

I have noticed that our build-your-own calendars are extremely popular as gifts, so I’m adding another coupon for 20% off the purchase of 3 or more calendars! Use the following code: saving-the-calendars Calendars are printed to order – pick and choose from over 50 popular images, or choose one of our pre-sorted collections. Must have at least 3 calendars in […]

Black Friday at the Engrish.com Store

Just wanted to drop a note here to say that there will be some crazy savings this Friday at the Engrish.com Store in the tradition of Black Friday.  You may have to think fast and act fast for some of these deals so be on the lookout! You can check back here, or follow us […]

Build-Your-Own Calendar at the Engrish.com Store

You’ll favorite your Engrish! After build, then time! Let’s build with me. Introducing our build-your-own calendar – you can now create your own customized Engrish wall calendar! Choose your own favorites from a pool of over 50 popular images, or pick from one of our pre-determined collections. You can change photos for individual months within […]

Hoodies are back at the Engrish.com Store!

Hoodie! Cover your style! We are sorry to keep you in the cold for so long -hoodies are now back at the Engrish.com Store. Order for your new hoodie life! Let’s shopping at the Store!

Mug the Return

Introduce the new! Engrish! Mugs! Two new mug designs. Engrish.com mugs are 15 oz ceramic mugs for microwave safe times. They can spill a lot of milk if need be. We have also replenished our stock of I Hate Myself mugs and Stick to Coffee and Alcohol mugs. All 4 mugs are now on sale for a […]

Women’s Shirts are Back at the Engrish.com Store!

Women’s shirts now on sale at the Engrish.com Store!

New T-Shirt – No Hullabaloo

Introduction ‘No Hullabaloo’ for t-shirt time! Originally found on this Chinese sign in an area that only allows authorized rigmarole. Shenanigans and tomfoolery are definitely out of the question. Flimflam, balderdash and poppycock are only allowed with a permit (but they didn’t say anything about hoopla…). Use this coupon for 10% off everything at Engrish.com Store*: no-hullabaloo *Offer good until August […]

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