Two new Japanese T-shirts

Introducing two new J-Teez designs – t-shirts in Japanese with a tongue-in-cheek vibe. “Moshi Moshi” Hey kids, what’s everyone saying? They’re saying “Moshi Moshi” that’s what. Yes, our Moshi Moshi shirt highlights the new, cool way to say hello… in Japanese! Answer your phone with international flair. Make new friends you didn’t know existed! “I […]

Let’s Random the Engrish Shirt – $5.95!

It pleasures us to sale! Please, make a purchase for discount times. Random Engrish t-shirts now on sale at the Store for only $5.95! You pick a size and a random Engrish shirt design will occur you in the mail. Throw 3, 4, 5 or more shirts in the cart – we’ll make sure […]

Newest T-shirt Design – Dipper Dan

Our old pal Dipper Dan – posted way back in 2000 – has finally made it into the limelight as an Engrish shirt (printed on silver American Apparel). Dipper Dan has been making you feel Nice and Happy since 1972! Let’s make Heartful Communication with Dipper Dan. The shirt is on sale for $15.95, but […]

2 New T-shirt Designs – Happy Bunny and Part of Everything

Two Engrish favorites are now t-shirt designs: Happy Bunny and Part of Everything. Happy Bunny has been requested for some time (originating from this Japanese pin) and Part of Everything was brought back from the dead by popular demand. The shirts are on sale for $15.95, but use this coupon upon check out for an […]

Newest T-shirt – Take the children Fall into water carefully

Our newest Engrish shirt is one of the most popular Engrish images of all time. This shirt features a vivid print of the actual photo – utilizing state-of-the-art screen-printing techniques. The shirt is on sale for $15.95, but use this coupon upon check out for an additional 10% off the shirt price: fall-into-savings The Fall […]

Newest Shirt – Tokyo Subway Map’s newest shirt design is a replica of the most widely used Tokyo Subway Map (all in Japanese of course!). Tokyo has the most extensive subway system in the world with the greatest number of lines (14) and stations (282) – which makes the Tokyo subway maps an intricate maze of colors. Think you can […]

5 J-Teez shirts come back to the Store

Our most popular J-Teez shirts are making a comeback, including three different women’s t-shirts, our Solar System Woodblock Print shirt (in black!) and the infamous “I Don’t Speak Japanese” t-shirt – in Japanese of course. All J-Teez shirts are on sale for $10.95 to $12.95 depending on the design (no coupons necessary!). The above two […]

Mousepads are back at the Store is bringing fresh mousepads back for top of cool enjoyment. Six different designs are on sale for $10.95 (normally $11.95). Use the following coupon for a further 10% off any design: lets-mousepad Coupon good until March 31th. 10% discount applied to any of our new mousepads. Mousepads will start shipping from March 31st at […]

Newest Shirt at the Store – Bravo! Pig

New shirt design at the Store – the Bravo! Pig!  Our iconic figurehead of this Brog (look up!), the Bravo Pig originated from this classic Engrish entry way back in 2003. The shirt will ship from March 30th, so we are offering a special pre-sale offer – in addition to the sale price of […]

New Engrish Shirt Design – Toaster Tee

New shirt design at the Store – Toaster Tee, based on this popular Engrish entry from earlier this year. The shirt will ship from March 15th, so we are offering a special pre-sale offer – in addition to the sale price of $16.95, use the following coupon for 15% off the shirt: toast-the-engrish Coupon […]

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