Save 10 to 20% at the Store this Holiday!

As a special thanks we have coupons good for 10% off any order you place this holiday season: kansha-2011 If you have lots of shopping to do, you can use this next coupon for 15% off any order totaling over $50.00: big-kansha-2011 In for some mega-Engrish shopping? Try this one for 20% off any order totaling over $75.00! super-kansha-2011 […]

Another Red Cross Donation Occurs!

I have just donated another $1,500 directly to the Japan Red Cross today, based on profits generated from the sale of our Japan Relief Shirt at the store between March 15th and April 6th. It took over a day to calculate, but I was finally able to figure out the profits:  between March 15th and […]

First donation of $4,000 to Japan Red Cross occurs!

Figuring out the profit margins for our Japan relief shirt is not easy since I have yet to be billed for the shirt production, but I went ahead an sent an advance of $4,000 directly to the Japan Red Cross Society last Friday. A thank is made at here! For more information about the Japan […]

Japan Relief T-shirt at Store

Hi, this is Steve, the owner/webmaster of I lived in Japan for 10 years and I am heartbroken at all that has transpired. Japan needs our help. I wanted to do more than just donate to the Red Cross on my own, so I created this shirt to support the rescue and recovery process. […] Store Shopping Deadlines!

Let’s idea your gift!  These products occur us: the mug,the book, shirt, calendar, poster, card of the greeting, hoodies, stickers, mousepads and more! SHOPPING DEADLINES: There is still time left to shop – but don’t wait too long! To receive your order before Christmas (December 24), order in-stock merchandise by the dates/times below using the […]

5 New Mugs at the Store (+ coupon codes!)

5 new Engrish mugs are waiting your sincerely gift. They are large 15oz ceramic mugs – for microwave safe times. Have a purchase and be the merry!  (Click on the image above to go straight to the mugs.) I have COUPON codes for royal Brog readers for all of your shopping (mugs + everything else!): […]

Engrish Bonus Posts, New shirt “Don’t Stampede”, Let’s Coffee mug and more…

Lots of news from! Bring love Engrish with BONUS posting! Everyday our bonus posts will include overlooked classics and future surprises! has provided feel enjoy since 1996 but our ratings and your hilarious comments began in 2008.  Part of our “No Engrish Left Behind” policy – refresh is made. Introduction happy new garment […]

Create Your Own Customized Engrish 2011 Wall Calendar!

2010 is so last year…let’s now!  2011 Build-your-own Engrish calendar exists! Let’s build with me. Our build-your-own calendar was a big hit last year, and we have just added new photos and updated our collections for 2011. Choose your own favorites from a pool of over 60 popular images, or pick from one of our […]

Our newest Engrish shirt stinks!

You saw it correctly – yeah we went ahead and printed the infamous diarrhoea shirt.  It is the most popular t-shirt post on the main site, and we have received countless requests to sell it at the store (although I am not sure if people are planning to buy it for themselves, or their […]

It accepts you of happiness – FREE SHIPPING IS!

Celebrate us now, the shipping of you frees us! Now until Saturday, October 2nd, you can enjoy free shipping for any order totalling $24.95 or more. Simply use the coupon code below, specify “Standard Shipping” and free shipping occurs! The code is at here: free-shipping-is Coupon good for US residents only using standard shipping.  UPS […]

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