Reverse Engrish – KFC

Every once in a while we will get word of some reverse Engrish – in this case, the Chinese translation says: “At KFC, it’s right that we are being prostitutes!” (Chicken is slang for prostitute) Photo courtesy of Rob Mitchell.

More Reverse Engrish – Kanji Tattoo

Recently on Japanese television they interviewed a person with a Japanese tattoo in New York, and I thought it was a funny exchange: They had him pull up his shirt to show off his “kanji” (Chinese character) tattoo, which says “ronin”. Tattoo’d New Yorker:  “It means a ‘samurai without work’, or a ‘student’, right?” Japanese […]

Reverse Engrish – Hemorrhoids

This boy likely has no idea what his hoodie says – because the big white character says “hemorrhoids” in Japanese*: (*Chinese usually is two characters: “痔核”).

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