Japan needs our help

Japan was my home for 10 years and the recent events are heartbreaking. I am no expert on donating to non-profits, but I believe that one of the best ways to contribute is to donate directly to the Red Cross Japan (as opposed to the Red Cross in the US or other countries). Google has […]

Food Highlights from a Short Japan Trip

Last week I was in Tokyo on a short business trip. Other than Engrish-hunting, my favorite thing about Japan is the food. Having lived there for 10 years previously I developed a pretty good palate for various types of Japanese food, and I thought that I would share the highlights of what I ate while […]

Postcard from Engrand…

Been kinda busy – hence the lack of brogging lately. I was just going through my personal photos of 2008 and found this gorgeous shot I took while driving on the freeway in the morning toward Kapolei here on Oahu (I live in Hawaii):  Click on photo to enlarge – looks much better in larger […]

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