Wacky Game Show Fun!

From the country that brought you human tetris, here’s another funny game show challenge out of Japan. I love these silly challenges… In case you were wondering, the water that they fall into is extremely hot so they are rushing to cover themselves in ice at the end. I dunno, when the US tries to […]

Shadow hand music video from ‘Sour’

I thought that this was a pretty cool music video from a band called “Sour” out of Japan – very creative: Now I have started to search for more shadow hand puppet stuff on Youtube – this can go on all day…

175 people suddenly freeze in Osaka, Japan train station

What happens when 175 people suddenly freeze at a train station in Japan?  Here’s a sample from Umeda Japan:    Of course this was a prank organized by what I am guessing are actors or an improve group (?). Interesting to see how people take pictures with ‘frozen’ people. Here’s another freeze video taken at […]

Run! Cool animated video of Japanese man’s life in 30 seconds

This was recently on the front page of YouTube Japan:

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