iClebo – A robotic cleaning assistant video

The Roomba has some competition out of Korea – the iClebo robot vacuum. This is the English Engrish promotional video:  Even though it is spelled iClebo, he keeps on pronouncing it “iCrebo”. Weird.

ABBA with Japanese Dancers – “Tiger”

I ran across this video of ABBA singing Tiger on Japanese TV back in the 70’s. The Japanese dancers take up more real estate up front than the band – it seems like it was filmed for them. I personally found the dancing pretty funny: 

Segways on Japan Golf Courses

I think this is a cool application for the Segway. I wonder about the liability issues though – I can see people falling over when they hit the side of a hill (see the scene from 0:26 in). They probably have people sign a waiver beforehand.

Obama the Magician

On one Japanese TV show, Obama does some cheesy magic and one pretty cool card trick with a lemon. Note: The Japanese love Obama so I believe that this TV show was not meant to be mean spirited or racist (although some people might deem it a bit insensitive?). Found by way of the excellent blog […]

Darth Vader vs. Japanese Police

In doing research for yesterday’s entry about “Fever Star Wars” pachinko, I ran across these funny videos from Japanese tv. They have been up on Youtube for a while, but it is worth a look if you haven’t seen them before (only 30 seconds each).   Round 1: Round 2:

Star Wars Pachinko – Fever Star Wars

Not sure how Sankyo, a pachinko (= semi-gambling) company, was able to obtain a Star Wars licensing agreement with Lucas – I am guessing it was lots of $$. They call the new line of machines “Fever Star Wars”, and there is a whole commercial campaign around it. All the commercials have that quirky Japan sensibility, and […]

Mini truck drifting

I always loved the miniature trucks in Japan – I never tire of their cute compact size. Now someone is doing full speed drifting effects on one in what looks like a parking lot: 

Someone Set Us Up the Sony Building Melody Steps

The Sony Building in Ginza is famous for showcasing Sony’s new technological gadgets. They have had this “melody stairs” thing for a little while, but someone figured out secret commands for it. Apparently if you step on the top or bottom stair 30 times in a row it goes into an Arpeggio chord – wherein the […]

Obama City Japan Gearing up for Election

Obama City Japan residents love Obama:

Electric stimulus to face… music video?

The newest in performance art! This Japanese man has rigged a bunch of electric wires to his face to make facial ‘expressions’ to the rhythm of some electronic music (it gets better worse over the course of the video).  Warning – may be kinda gross for some, but it is safe for work:  Found by […]

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