Spa World Commercial

This is a regional commercial for Spa World in Osaka, Japan. The tagline is: “Why don’t you get rid of the old man in you?”

Clown Urinal for Kids

I don’t know what is more creepy – videotaping a boy peeing, or the weird clown urinal that goes up and down with carnival music while you pee….

Super Mario Music Battle

Japanese People from all over seem to have a great affinity for one of the greatest soundtrack creations ever – Super Mario Brothers. Check out these unique takes on the soundtrack from Mario – which one do you think has the most talent? The beatbox: Or the violin: Double electric guitar? Or do we have […]

Star Wars Crew Hawking Canned Tuna?

Classic canned tuna commercial from Japan circa 1978: In Japanese they often call canned tuna “sea chicken” which you can hear a robot (?) repeat over and over again.

Japanese Log Riders – Matsuri Time!

Before Japanese were known for their craziness in pop-culture, they were known for their craziness in “matsuri”, or traditional festivals. This “log rider” festival is held once every 7 years in Japan and features crazy stupid feats, like riding a 10 ton log down a hill with your buddies: Found by way of Current TV.

Dole Banana Commercial from Japan

Funny commercial for bananas from Dole (English translation below): Girlfriend: We have been going out for almost 3 years… Boyfriend: Delicious. Girlfriend: Why are you eating that banana… Boyfriend: Sorry. Girlfriend: It’s about time (I introduce you to my parents)… Boyfriend: Delicious. Girlfriend: Why are you eating bananas… Boyfriend: Sorry. Girlfriend: After going out for […]

Japanese Dog that Smiles :)

Around 34 seconds into the video, you can see the dog make a big grin when his master asks “wanna go for a walk?”.  He doesn’t seem to smile at all to strangers (1:14). The master goes on to say that his dog really started to smile a year after he took him in. He […]

Geddan (“Get Down”) Phenomenon

Geddan (ゲッダン), Engrish for “Get Down” is a meme phenomenon from Japan that has already come and gone, but started to catch on a bit in the US last year.  Geddan is a weird funny dance that originated from an intentionally made glitch in the Nintendo 64 video game “Goldeneye” and eventually made its way […]

Real life Engrish “Clash”

You may recall the Clash Engrish post from way back when (we also made stickers out of this design).  Well, run by a Spanish blogger in Japan, made a fun video from the clash signs they found at Hamamatsucho station in Tokyo. Nice to see real life Engrish on video! Here is a pic […]

Racist Jello Commercial

I recently stumbled across this on Youtube: This is the type of bad manufactured Engrish from the western mind (albeit 1960’s mind) that I try to avoid at all costs. Every once in a while I’ll have to delete captions (comments) on the main site because they sound like this Jello commercial.

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