This guy can take off all his clothes in under 4 seconds

Is it scary that I can watch this all day? Video from Japan.

Water Fountain Clock at Osaka Station

I think I would miss the train checking out the time here:

Genki Sudo Video

This is currently one of my favorite videos out of Japan from Genki Sudo a former mixed martial artist turned actor, writer and musician. The movements here are not special effects or camera tricks – they are actually moving at this speed…

Japanese Game Show – Get up the stairs

OK, it’s stupid but highly entertaining…

Amazing Waste Picker Upper Thingie

This incredible machine dubbed the “SWITL” can move gelatinous items “as is” by way of its tray. Here they demonstrate using mayonnaise and ketchup: The Japanese explanation on Youtube states that this machine was manufactured for automatizing the manufacturing process of bread dough that was previously done by hand.

Aimbot! Chinese man shows us how to shoot hoops

I always wondered who got the high score at my local Chuck-E-Cheese… Appears to have taken place in either Taiwan or Hong Kong (Traditional Chinese characters in the lower left).

Japan Spiderman

I don’t know why Spidey even risks crime-fighting on his own when he has such a bad-ass robot!

Pink Armadillo Attack!

Happens every time I drive by this place… Video taken from old Japanese show called Kikaida that ran in the early 1970’s (predating Kamen Rider and Power Rangers). “Kuru kuru…” in this video means “roll roll (down)”.

Creepy Android Spokesperson for Bug Spray

Here is a commercial for a Japanese insect repellent called a “preshower” spray, featuring an “Android of which technology of Japan boasts” – according to the uploader: They are marketing the “preshower” spray as being easy on the skin to avoid comparison with conventional smelly (and sometimes sticky) insect repellents.

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