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Fixed video link.

Funny Commercial for Tokyo Summerland

Tokyo Summerland is a water park with large pools (infamous for the crowded pool photos). The following are two commercials that are currently airing in the Tokyo area: In the 2nd commercial the little boy says: “Mom, I got a new girlfriend!”, hence dad spitting out his cold tea.

Famous Mochi Maker in Japan

This is the traditional way of making “mochi” or rice cake made of a special sticky rice, although these guys take it to the extreme:

Chinese woman freaks out people walking into building

She just stands silently, but they act like they’ve seen a ghost.


Skit from Japanese comedian Shimura Ken:

China Air Freight Handler

From the Youtube post: This was amazing to watch. I think I was the only one noticing what was happening outside the window of the plane, and this time I captured it. On a previous occasion I saw a load of Japanese sewing machines with ‘this way up’ and ‘fragile, handle with care’ stickers over […]

Incredible Sushi Candy Making Kit

Amazing how they can make sugar into various sushi ingredients…

Happy New Year!!

Starting off the new year with a BANG!

Awesome moves

Unsure of origin – could be either China or Japan…?

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