Daiichi no Course – Commercial

Visually this commercial is humorous on its own, but it is a visual pun. The commercial is from “Dai-ichi” – a large pachinko parlor company in Japan. Dai-ichi means “first”, and the sports play by play in the commercial are commenting on how many people keep lining up for the “first” lane (“dai-ichi no course”).

Japanese teacher teaching English

This is a classic TV skit from the famous Japanese comedian Shimura Ken. He is constantly correcting the American’s English – most of what he is saying in Japanese is: “Why can’t you get it right? It is supposed to sound like…”

Japanese mom preps son for school

This aired a few years ago within a Japanese variety show. They would get ‘talents’ to work on a routine to see who could get the most creative in getting their pretend children ready for school. This was one of the more entertaining entries, with a famous Japanese comedienne taking on the role as mom. […]

Dinosaur Prank

Here is part 2: And if you are still interested, part 3:

Underground Bicycle Parking Systems in Japan

Japan could use quite a few of these – the bicycle parking lots are often overflowing in many train stations in Tokyo.

Egg Vending Machines in Rural Japan

I used to live near an egg vending machine in Tokyo, but they are much more prevalent in the countryside:

First Pitches in Korean Baseball

Throwing the ceremonial first pitch in a baseball game is a tradition around the world. The Koreans have taken it one step further: The trend for the escalating outlandish moves started with an actress and then a gymnast:

Beijing Subway Platform During Rush Hour

Makes me appreciate my commute that much more…

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