Which tire jumps the furthest?

One thing you gotta love about Japanese TV is that they do interesting “what if?” experiments. Here they ask what if we rolled different types of car tires down a ski jump – which one would go furthest? Order of tires is: 1. Mini car tire 2. Sedan tire 3. Sports car tire 4. 10 [...]

Daiichi no Course – Commercial

Visually this commercial is humorous on its own, but it is a visual pun. The commercial is from “Dai-ichi” – a large pachinko parlor company in Japan. Dai-ichi means “first”, and the sports play by play in the commercial are commenting on how many people keep lining up for the “first” lane (“dai-ichi no course”).

Japanese teacher teaching English

This is a classic TV skit from the famous Japanese comedian Shimura Ken. He is constantly correcting the American’s English – most of what he is saying in Japanese is: “Why can’t you get it right? It is supposed to sound like…”

Japanese mom preps son for school

This aired a few years ago within a Japanese variety show. They would get ‘talents’ to work on a routine to see who could get the most creative in getting their pretend children ready for school. This was one of the more entertaining entries, with a famous Japanese comedienne taking on the role as mom. [...]

Dinosaur Prank

Here is part 2: And if you are still interested, part 3:

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