Pepper Fruit Gum Anyone?

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with bizarre great flavor combinations. The newest flavored gum from the Kracie company is black pepper combined with tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango and passionfruit. It will be going on sale at convenience stores in Japan nationwide from November 11th.  The press release from the Kracie website […]

Pepsi White – just in time for the holidays!

Pepsi Japan (bottled and distributed by Suntory) has introduced a new yogurt flavored cola called Pepsi White. Better hurry up and get your bottle before it’s too late – this baby is going to be sold for a limited time only this winter.   The Japanese press release from Suntory says: “With the new sale of Pepsi White, this […]

Racist toothpaste?

 You may remember the Engrish entry for “Whitemen” toothpaste – a Chinese toothpaste to help you emulate the nice white teeth of whitemen? Over the years I have also received a few photos of what was once called “Darkie” toothpaste as well – which was sold all over Asia for a long period of time. […]

Nose Products – Full of Happiness!

Periodically I will get sent some photos of these nose clips. They look like clothespins for the nose, and I suppose people think that they can change the look of their nose using these things.  The packaging on these two seem to promise a lot though: “You wouldn’t miss a chance!” “…and full of happiness” […]

Color Therapy Cell Phone from Kyocera/Sanyo.

Shake it and it changes color!  Colors also change during the day as you use the phone. The idea is that the colors will soothe your soul through stressful times – or maybe it is just a cute marketing gimmick. Here is a 12 second video to make you feel good:  Here is the official […]

Piggy Hunk… I Mean Bank

The newest in piggy bank technology from Japan – this one, called “Ikemen Bank” is for lonely women who want to save money but are looking for extra incentive from a hunk who talks to you while you save. The tagline for the bank reads: “Save 50,000 yen ($500) in no time, while you feel all tingly […]

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