Geak Instant!

Here is a funny Halloween costume originally manufactured in China:  Photo courtesy of Simon Gilman

Excrement of Deer Souvenir Gifts

Nara, Japan, home of Todaiji – the largest wooden structure in the world – is a major tourist destination that is also known for its tame deer. As any major tourist town in Japan, there is a lot of competition in the ‘omiyage’ (souvenir gift) business, so to stand out from the crowd someone made […]

Morning Glory Pencil Case Design

This is a pencil case found in a Morning Glory stationery store. Morning Glory is a South Korean stationery company that has outlets throughout the US and Australia, and they can be a good source of Engrish. This one is not really Engrishy – but I wanted to share because I thought it was a cool […]

Animal Humping Piggy Banks

A shop on Rakuten (one of Japan’s biggest shopping portals) has begun selling humping animal piggy banks. Drop a coin in the machine and the animals go for it.  I can see this as a great way to get extra cash at the office! The banks retail for ¥1,980 (about $20).  Found by way of […]

iClebo – A robotic cleaning assistant video

The Roomba has some competition out of Korea – the iClebo robot vacuum. This is the English Engrish promotional video:  Even though it is spelled iClebo, he keeps on pronouncing it “iCrebo”. Weird.

USB Boob Warmer – Now on Sale!

The Rare Mono shop comes through with the newest in USB technology: the USB Boob Warmer (they call it the “USB Bust Beauty Pad”). Just plug it in and slip in the pads for nice warm booby action.  The theory (or rumor) is that warming up your boobs can help make them perkier. But they […]

Rearry bud for me?

Looks like there is some branded Engrish Hemp merchandise in Japan. In addition to the lighter from today’s Engrish, you can see a similar design and copy on various products, including a sticker and pencil case (I received these all from different people):  My guess is that the designer of these products knows what ‘dope’ […]

ITN Reports on Man Bras

As a follow up to my last entry on the bras for men, I found this video from ITN reporting on the subject:  Found by way of Japan Probe.

Bras for Men – Available now in Japan

Not only have men’s bras been available for a while in Japan, they just reached the number 1 spot on one of Japan’s largest online shops ‘Rakuten’, according to this Japanese news article. The bras come in black, white and pink, and are made of materials that give a luster look and stretchy feel. Why […]

The Chewing Sensor – Lord help us!

 Tired of manually counting your children’s chew count? A Japanese company has the answer – called the “Kami Kami Sensor” (‘kami’ means ‘chewing’), all you have to do is hook this contraption up to their jaw and it does all the counting for you!  Based on the theory that chewing at least 30 times before […]

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