They’ve cornered the donkey-hide market…

Photo courtesy of Bob Walker. Package of candied dates purchased in China.

Choose the Best Penis!

These ‘duration elongating capsules’ were found at a sex shop in Chongqin, China. Not only can you choose the best penis, one grain will last you 200 hours – talk about potency! Small text in lower right reads: – The best across the globe of the same category – Long duration, improves your sexual function […]

Clean Jet for to Eliminate Wipe Habit!

Wanna change your wipe habit?  Do you know what is most important!?  Clean World has the answer with an attachable butt washer to attach to your existing toilet: These jets are quite common in Japan, but are usually sold as an entire unit with the toilet. Photo courtesy of Jeff Fuller. Found at “The Home […]

The Reptile?

It’s 3D – heck I’ll give ’em 4D, but I do not see no reptile son… Photo courtesy of Scott Dugdale. Found in a $2 shop in New Zealand.

My Tissue Box Cover

This was recently found in a Tokyo toy store – pretty sick if you ask me… Photo courtesy of Karen Clifford.

Strawberry Flavored Squid

I must say that I am a fan of dried squid myself, but ‘strawberry flavored squid’?? That is just gross…  Photo courtesy of Wally Viper. Found in Korea. 

Pooh Biscuits

Okay, well the intent is clear, but still I can’t seem to work up an appetite for these biscuits… Is it just me?  Found in Japan. 

Bone Marrow Chocolate Cream

I received this submission from Japan a couple of years ago and didn’t know quite what to make out of it. Some people are quite fond of bone-marrow (usually served within a bone at restaurants), but I was not aware that it is used as an ingredient in chocolate creams of all things… Photo courtesy […]

Black Opium Energy Drink

Laiura & James Maier sent in this cool energy drink: Reminds me of the Cocaine drink that was featured on The View a few years back: 

Premium Rice Tard

Here is the newest custard snack from Korea – Rice tard:  Dude, don’t be a ricetard.  Found by way of Japan Probe and Brian Deutsch’s blog.

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