Jigsaw puzzle from hell

The name of the product is: “Pure White Hell”. It is as it appears – a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle containing only pure white pieces!  Found in Japan.

Lemon / Strawberry Milk Flavored Wieners

The Japanese enjoy eating a variety of small sausages, but the sausages usually involve cheese or smoked flavors like in the west. I can grasp the concept of a lemon flavored wiener, but these “Strawberry Milk” flavored wieners on the right are a bit of stretch… This brand is found in a particular region of […]

Rembo Cologne

Yes, you read it correctly. This is a men’s cologne found in Central Asia.  I can’t imagine what effect it will have on the ladies… Photo courtesy of Lynnora Weast. 

Beauty Smile Trainer

Who can stand that poor smile of yours. Correct your smile with the Beauty Smile Trainer (available at Amazon Japan!).  “In order to create the perfect smile line, one must work their mimetic muscles upward an additional 30 degrees.” All it takes is a 3-5 minute work out twice a day for about 2-3 months. […]

The friendly ducks are easier to catch…

Photo courtesy of Sylvester. Found in Taiwan. 

Did those cat ears just flip me off?

A company in Japan named Neurowear has developed cat ears that you can manipulate with your brain waves – no seriously! Here is the promotional video for the ears that explains everything in English: Here is another video showing customers trying it on – so easy that even children can control it: So far they […]

Suck One, Suck All!

I think this one explains itself: Photos courtesy of Skip Mendler.

Could be a Baby Ruth bar…?

I dunno, even though this was found in China it looks legit. Still, I just can’t help but think of actual poo floating… Photo courtesy of Nick Powell. Found in a Beijing toy store.

Turtle Soup, Anyone?

This stuff works! My turtles used to be way too crunchy… Copy of label from AquaBuddies’ Aquatic Turtle Floating Food Sticks. Photo courtesy of Deborah Scott.

Fish Massage – Better Then Man!

Fish massage is the latest craze in primarily in East Asia wherein you stick your feet into a small pond and small fish nibble at your toes. The claim is that the Garra rufa fish (aka “Dr. Fish”, or reddish log suckerfish) eat all of your dead skin – leaving the healthy skin to grow […]

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