It’s in the air…

Photo courtesy of Neculae Eduard. Origin unknown.  

When rump roast just isn’t extreme enough

Photo courtesy of Corey Friesen. Found in Hokkaido, Japan. 

Jean Thongs from Japan

Japanese says “men’s t-back denim hot pants”

Evil butter cookies

                          Found in China. 

If you live here, you’re a hypocrite.

Found on a box of dates from Saudi Arabia… Photo courtesy of Rashid. 

Jigsaw puzzle from hell

The name of the product is: “Pure White Hell”. It is as it appears – a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle containing only pure white pieces!  Found in Japan.

Lemon / Strawberry Milk Flavored Wieners

The Japanese enjoy eating a variety of small sausages, but the sausages usually involve cheese or smoked flavors like in the west. I can grasp the concept of a lemon flavored wiener, but these “Strawberry Milk” flavored wieners on the right are a bit of stretch… This brand is found in a particular region of [...]

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