Like monk, like dog

Taken in Japan:

Accuracy is our motto

Korean subway stations are quite precise on how long it takes you to get to the restroom:

Car dust art

Dust artist from China…

Shanghai over 20 years

Amazing what 20 years can do for a major metropolis in China:

Chinese textbook doodling

Chinese may have a reputation for being very studious, but even the best of us bored sometimes…

Japan Automatic Door Company

The Japanese on the door says: “Japan Automatic Door Inc.”. ¬†You’d think they’d… I hope that this one doesn’t get lost in translation…

Interactive Casanova Movie Poster?

This is a regular printed movie poster found in Seoul, but it looks like they (unintentionally?) used the graphics from the website… Photo courtesy of Ken Murphy.

Bathroom Sign in China

Oftentimes in Asian countries there will be signs showing the natives how to use western toilets (most traditional toilets in Asia involve squatting on the floor). This is an interesting variation to say the least! Photo courtesy of Amy Davis. Spotted in Guangzhou, China.

Not sure why this makes me laugh…

But it does… Photo of hanging daikon taken in Japan.

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