iPhone App Engrish

This iPhone game app came out in August from an Italian developer and it really put to hard tries your intelligence!  Nice to see the Italians stepping up.  The text was apparently translated using a computer program. After searching on iTunes I could only find Oxxo (not Oxxo Lite) and it has since been corrected. The users comments on […]

Corpse in Train Station Locker?

A few years back, I heard what was considered to be an urban legend by foreigners in Japan:  that there was a sign in a Tokyo train station that asked you not to leave corpses in their lockers.The legend goes that there were dead bodies being left in lockers so the management felt the need […]

Racist sign at Tokyo Subway?

In another Brog exclusive entry for Racist Week, I found this sign in my archives just the other day. Looks like they encourage whitey to get ahead… I considered posting this as an Engrish of the Day, but it contains no Engrish…

Pyramid Power Toilet

I received this pic as an Engrish submission back in 2005, but I was unsure what to do with it. It’s not really Engrish per se, but it is a very weird combo:  Pyramid Power + Toilet = ??? What could it possibly mean? The proponents of pyramid power claim that the energy created from the shape […]

Relief at a Japan Auto Show…

Here’s a real test of the Japanese event companion girl’s composure…  In a way, the Japanese event companion girl is like the British Buckingham Palace Guards – except that they stay smiling no matter what the circumstances.  I am guessing that the origins are a Japan car show, although the boy looks Chinese (and I […]

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