Reversed English on Chinese bus

The Chinese is read from right to left, so they figured that they should do the same in English… Reads:  ”Shaanxi Tourism Corporation Group” Photo courtesy of Mariotti Raffaele. Spotted in China.

A message from the honest taxi company

Photo courtesy of Brian Rockell. 

It’s not a comb-over, it’s a code-over

(“Comb-overs” are typically referred to as “bar-code” style hair in Japan)

God Jesus Tattoo – An Engrish First!

A fan named Jed wrote in: “I absolutely love God-Jesus for how completely surreal and bizarre it is, and I think I made a good choice for a first tattoo.” Jed, you didn’t have to tattoo it – we sell God Jesus shirts and other things.

This land is are land!

Do you like are sign?

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