Google “Japanese guy” and this is what you get…

This photo shows up as the first image when you search for “Japanese guy” on Google. Click here and see (also see images tab). This image got some serious SEO.

Try making these bad boys!

Submitter Steve Arnold writes in: Whilst traveling around Canada last, me and the girlfriend thought we’d pop into Toronto’s China Town for come cheap food! Little did we know that the instructions on the noodles would be so damn concise and easy to follow!!

Public service message from Big Brother China

Wondering if these signs have any effect… Say yes to your “lovely life”! Lovely life includes ability to have one child and chance to worship state sanctioned religion! Who needs drugs?! Photos courtesy of Tracy Webb. Found in Liuzhou, China.

Spiderman rents an apartment in Tokyo

Spiderman is apparently renting a place at Shibaura Bloom Tower, or so their promotional materials would have you believe.  Here Spiderman is in a suit carrying a blonde back to his place. The Bloom Tower is the newest apartment development in Tokyo and units go for ¥191,000 ($1,910)/month for a 1 bedroom (50.45 sq. meters […]

Tokyo Asleep Photos

A past Engrish submitter just turned me on to his hilarious collection of photos on Flickr that show people sleeping in public places in Tokyo. This is actually not as uncommon as you would think. People pass out all the time after a night of drinking and missing the last train home:  You’ll often find people […]

Snot-Crying Statue and other quirky photos…

Quirky Japan Blog is a photo blog showcasing a lot of cool and yes, quirky photos from Japan.  I thought this entry from today was interesting – the boy in the statue is crying so hard that he actually has snot dripping from his nose. Gotta love the attention to detail.              […]

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