Breakfast Week at

Running through the archives, I noticed that I have a significant amount of hilarious breakfast related Engrish. Seeing that it is the most important meal of the day, I hereby dub this week “Breakfast Week” at I’ll be running breakfast themed Engrish throughout the week, and will run two contests – one at the […]

On short vacation

Had no time to post Engrish for Saturday and Sunday morning!  I will post new Engrish again on Sunday. Sorry for delay! Steve – Webmaster

Win a $100 Shopping Spree in the Twitter Contest!

Here is your chance to enter the first ever Twitter contest and win up to a $100 shopping spree at the Store! What is Twitter? This video contains a simple explanation of what Twitter is all about. What is up for grabs? 1st place winner: $100 shopping spree at Store 2nd place winner: Will win an […]

Some Fixes and Updates

Just a quick note about fixes and updates:  New Adult Engrish of the Week up today – this one is sure to offend on many levels…  Adult Engrish Section Captions – Fixed the ability to make captions within the adult section – please feel free to use vulgar language there if need be.  Other Fixes/Updates […]

Racist Engrish Week at

Yes, it is Racist Engrish Week at This means that every day a new photo that contain references to race, racism or are even racist by their very nature will be posted. There is one Engrish photo I took personally that I have been afraid to put up for a while – which will […]

Adult Engrish – Now Updated Weekly!

For those who enjoy a more raunchy form of Engrish, you are probably aware that we have a separate section that I call “Adult Engrish” (created to protect the innocent from offensive material).  I used to do special themed weeks to introduce these vulgar Engrishes, but since the Adult Engrish is now in a whole […]

Something error message happens

Please let me know in the comments if you see any error messages when surfing the site. We encountered a couple of small glitches here and there – which is to be expected with a new launch. I upped the memory on the server and it seems to be working much better since. Thank you […] is Newly Tasty Improved Enhanced!

New site occurs! As you can see has been completely redesigned from the up-ground. The site is now powered by WordPress, and features voting, caption commentary, email a friend, RSS feeds – the works. Main Site: The main portion of the site is still gallery-driven with all your favorite Engrish intact. Thumbnails don’t […]

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