Home of the Whopper Pedophiles…

From a Burger King in Sicily Italy. I wasn’t sure how real this image was so I put it in the Brog. Doesn’t look Photoshopped though…  Photo courtesy of Miles. 

Hey, it gives meaning to my life…

The word “Fuku” (“福” in Japanese) means “good fortune” and is often used in names of shops and restaurants in Japan. Sometimes Japanese will come to the US and use it in search of good fortune, but are unfortunately often ridiculed when spelling it out in Roman characters. I have been sent a number of […]

Lamb Raisin

Lamb raisin almost sounds like it could be a dish, but this is “rum raisin” flavored ice cream: Filed under: “Engrish that needs an explanation”. Photo courtesy of Lucy Hallett. Found in Tokyo, Japan.

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