Aerobic Engrish Videos – Zuiikin Girls

I am sure many of you have seen the Zuiikin videos in the past, but Fuji TV who owns the copyright keeps requesting Youtube to take them down. Someone recently sent in a link to the classic video “Take Anything You Want!” which reminded me how great they are: Here is “I Have a Bad […]

Topgear Show Discovers Engrish in Japan Car Accessory Shop

Topgear is a famous British television program that talks about cars. In this video on Youtube they discover various bits of Engrish in a Japanese car accessory shop. (I would put the video here, but they disabled the embed function on Youtube…) Decent Engrish finds, but do they have to play such annoying music to […]

iClebo – A robotic cleaning assistant video

The Roomba has some competition out of Korea – the iClebo robot vacuum. This is the English Engrish promotional video:  Even though it is spelled iClebo, he keeps on pronouncing it “iCrebo”. Weird.

Hey Jude Barrad

Here’s a cute version of Hey Jude as sung by a talented young Korean boy: 

Calm Down Monkey T-shirt Tribute Video

I found this tribute video to the Calm Down Monkey shirt that we sell at the store. It is done pretty well! Click here to buy the shirt!

Choose One Making You Better Feeling

OK, you may have seen this before, and it is guaranteed to offend and/or annoy many of you. Still makes me laugh though… Tom Green brings annoying humor to a new level.

Waterfall that draws pictures and characters (cool video)

Judging from the amount of hits this video has you may have seen it already, but I had to share the coolest manmade waterfall ever (from Japan of course): The Japanese title of the video says: “Pictures made of falling water”.  The video was taken from the opposite side, so the characters are mirrored. The […]

We are gardener…

I thought that this video was cute:  You can only catch all the Engrish in a video like this.

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