Mens Egg Online Store

You may remember the Engrish post for Men’s Egg, which is a popular fashion magazine in Japan targeting men in their young teens and early 20’s.  Well, someone recently informed me about the Men’s Egg online store, which offers the latest in fashionable clothing and is loaded with the latest brands such as: “DEADLY JESTER”, “Murder License” […]

How to Good-bye Depression Book

This book is now perhaps the most famous real Engrish book on  The author apparently used a computer program to translate his theories about anal constriction from Japanese into English Engrish. Some of the reviews on Amazon are as funny as the book seems to be.  Back cover of the book:   Judging from the reviews on Amazon, some […]

Menu Mishaps collection from Guidespot has collected a bunch of funny menu photos from Flickr. Check out their collection here. 

Seductress Engrish shirt

This photo has been floating around the internet for a little while. The words are out of order so it kinda qualifies as Engrish…  Brought to my attention by Emily Ash

Cheer up! Sign from Korea

This photo of a Korean sign on Flickr has recently been Dugg over a thousand times (photo removed by request of photographer – click on initial link to see). Some people speculated that the drops of sweat was actually puke, but to me it is obviously sweat. Since the photo does not contain any scenery surrounding the sign, I […]

Racist Park in China

These photos were referenced in the news quite a bit last year when talking about China cleaning up their Engrish in preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics. The sign no longer exists, but I wanted to broggerize it here in honor of racist week (and to archive it for posterity – or at least the life […]

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