This is just wong…

I received the following viral email just today: ———————————- If you can’t find the book you want You’re probably shopping at the… Email forwarded to me by Max Braudé.

Hokka Hokka Tei Corporate Slogan – Eats is Joy!

Hokka Hokka Tei is one of Japan’s largest chain of bento (box lunch) shops. On their English website you can find their great corporate slogan – “Eats is Joy!”: Thanks to Chris Moy for the link!

American Police Mook

This image was just Dugg up over 2,500 times yesterday – it is a pretty funny cover of a “mook” (crossover between a magazine and a book) about police in the US: I did a bit of research on the ‘mook’ – the image was lifted from a Japanese blog entry from August 2008 that did research […]

Engrish “Page Not Found” Display

This screenshot was sent in back in 2002. The real site really doesn’t exist any more… Screenshot courtesy of David Fields.

We Condom Attack – The Origins

Here is another example of an Engrish photo that keeps reappearing on the net every now and then – so much so that we forget where it came from. This is a screenshot from a Pakistani website known as The Frontier Post, as submitted to me way back in 2002: Seems like they had really […]

Mitsuoka Motors – MC-1 Micro-Car

MItsuoka Motors is a small Japanese auto company which builds modern Japanese cars to resemble British vehicles of the 1950s and 1960s. A few years back, they also produced ‘micro-cars’. This cute Engrish-laden image of the MC-1 micro car was taken from their old English website that sadly no longer exists: Just how small is […]

Funny Malaysian Signs – From Email Forward a Few Years Back

There was this viral email that was forwarded around between the years of 1999 and 2003 containing funny signs reportedly from Malaysia. I received the forward many times, and thought it was about time I would post them here in the Brog for safe keeping. Some have been individually posted (recycled) and Dugg as well […] Engrish

Even Amazon Japan gets things wrong – it should obviously be: “Lux Frip Frops Brack”…  Screenshot sent in by Sean Bulkley.

‘Summer Bitch Festival’ in Korea

This was submitted to me multiple times last July/August by readers in Korea. Lotte – Korea’s largest department store – was keen on starting a “Summer Beach Festival” but it kinda turned out wrong… 

Aier Disinfector (contains 4 letter word)

A good friend of mine sent this to me today. I was thinking of using it as an ‘Adult Engrish of the Week’ but I did some research and it has been making the rounds around the internet for a year or so (I like to keep the main site original photos only). This thing […]

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