Samsung Customer Service

In response to complaint about a washing machine: (found via Reddit)

Feel “Safe” and “Comfortable” on Japan Airlines!

The Japan Airlines rep seems sincere in his photo, but I suspect that he is hiding something from us… Is there something that we should know about Japan Airlines? Found via Reddit.

Engrish Products from around the world (email forward)

Here is another email forward that has gone around the net for some time now – weird ‘Engrish’ food from around the world. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of any of these items (or their humor value) – just thought it would be good to archive here:

Description Here

This photo has been making the rounds on the net of late, so I thought I would archive it here: Found via Digg and Reddit.  Source unknown.

Signs from the Philippines (Viral Email)

Here are the contents of another viral email that has gone around – apparently originating from the Philippines. Generally speaking Filipinos are good English speakers, but it seems you can find some Engrish here and there. I have seen this last one before – not sure if it actually originated in the Philippines or not:

Michaelsoft Binbows

This photo of a Japanese used PC and computer parts shop has been making the rounds on the internet recently. It is not just a cheap rip-off of Microsoft Windows – the word ‘binbo’ (貧乏)in Japanese means ‘poor’, so the bilingual pun works on a promotional level as well (to sell their ‘ultra-cheap’ computer parts […]

Korean ESL Textbook – OMG!

This photo of a Korean ESL textbook has been making the rounds on the net  recently: Must have been fun for the designer to throw in stuff he knew they would never catch. Just in case, here is a translation for all you noobs out there: OMG= Oh my GOD W2F= Way to Fail STFU= […]

Insert my what?

This image was being Dugg up today:


Over the years I have received a number of peculiar submissions about website lording…

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