How to Good-bye Depression Book

This book is now perhaps the most famous real Engrish book on  The author apparently used a computer program to translate his theories about anal constriction from Japanese into English Engrish. Some of the reviews on Amazon are as funny as the book seems to be.  Back cover of the book:   Judging from the reviews on Amazon, some […]

Korean President fond of Brazilian men?

Below is a screenshot of an article from the English portion of a Korean publication. Looks like President Lee is either into Brazilian men or he got a nice shave…   You can click on the screenshot image to see the original website – as of today (2/5/09) it has not been corrected.  Thanks to […]

Menu Mishaps collection from Guidespot has collected a bunch of funny menu photos from Flickr. Check out their collection here. 

Unfortunate Abbreviation…

Fuji Airways decided to name their guidebook “FAG”.  Not that there is anything wrong with that… Hat tip to Josh Wheeler for the link.

Adult Engrish – Now Updated Weekly!

For those who enjoy a more raunchy form of Engrish, you are probably aware that we have a separate section that I call “Adult Engrish” (created to protect the innocent from offensive material).  I used to do special themed weeks to introduce these vulgar Engrishes, but since the Adult Engrish is now in a whole […]

F*ck Fiat! Brazilian Engrish?

 Um… well it’s a new car and we decided to give it a name with real flare. We call it the &%$@ Fiat. Anyway, click on the image to go to the actual site (warning – contains four letter word that starts with the letter “f”): Even the URL is messed up. Can anyone tell me […]

Teaching English in Japan has its fun moments…

Especially when you get reports like this one:  Found via Matador Study. The image was originally found on the blog of Abram Plaut who sometimes showcases funny Engrish from his students. The image was Dugg a little over a month ago, but I wanted to chronicle it here for easy Engrish access.

Engrish Link of the Day – GoodLife Hotel

If you can get past the cheesy music, this site contains many Engrish gems:    Thanks to Candy Lim for the link!

The Manner Posters of Tokyo Metro

Tokyo Metro is Japan’s largest subway system, and they have come out with a new series of “Manner Posters” so that we can all just get along better when riding the subway. I thought that this new series was good enough for a chuckle.  Since it is all about doing the right thing, every month […]

The Reverse of Engrish – Hanzi Smatter

I am often asked: “What about the reverse of Engrish? Can’t you post westerners messing up Asian languages?”  I suppose I could try, but I would rather post a link to someone who does it right and has a vast knowledge of Chinese. Tian of has amassed a great collection of tattoos, clothing, etc. […]

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