Win a trip to New York City to See “Chinglish” on Broadway! gives you the warm chance to win! The ticket! Interested in a free trip to go see the new hit Broadway show CHINGLISH? Enter to win a trip to New York City and see the play New York Magazine calls “A triumph in any language! CHINGLISH is sexy, fun and hilarious!” by visiting the official CHINGLISH Facebook fan page here. […]

Let’s learn about Lifan Culture

The Lifan Group makes cars and motorcycles, but most importantly they operate legitimately. Let’s learn more about Lifan culture: Click on image to go to the Lifan site.

Feeling of reliance, brew, and gratitude!

Akiyama metals has the best management poricy positively! Click here for actual website.

Real life Engrish “Clash”

You may recall the Clash Engrish post from way back when (we also made stickers out of this design).  Well, run by a Spanish blogger in Japan, made a fun video from the clash signs they found at Hamamatsucho station in Tokyo. Nice to see real life Engrish on video! Here is a pic […] Engrish

Even Amazon Japan gets things wrong – it should obviously be: “Lux Frip Frops Brack”…  Screenshot sent in by Sean Bulkley.

Cooking with Pooh

A commenter in the post from last week entitled “Pooh Biscuits” pointed out this book that can be found on Amazon:  Think of the endless recycling possibilities!  The Amazon reviews are pretty funny too.

Garfield: Lost in Translation

Someone pointed out this unique site that ‘Engrishifies’ Garfield cartoons by the method – translating the text to Japanese and then back to English. Here are some of the better ones I saw: Hat-tip to ‘Poingly’ for the link.

Dunglish – Where Dutch and English Collide

Found a new source of Engrish on the web –, which showcases interesting English phenomena from the Netherlands and other Western European countries. I learned that Dutch and English collisions are known as ‘Dunglish’, whereas German (Deutsch) English mishaps are referred to as ‘Denglish’. I guess there is a word for every Engrish depending on the […]

Mens Egg Online Store

You may remember the Engrish post for Men’s Egg, which is a popular fashion magazine in Japan targeting men in their young teens and early 20’s.  Well, someone recently informed me about the Men’s Egg online store, which offers the latest in fashionable clothing and is loaded with the latest brands such as: “DEADLY JESTER”, “Murder License” […]

More iTunes Engrish – Japanese OMiKuJi

There is another new iTunes software taking advantage of an Engrish explanation to gain poopularity: Japanese OMiKuJi. (we found this other one last October).  An omikuji is a random fortune written on a small piece of paper that you can obtain at a Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple with a small offering. Why bother to go to […]

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