Premium Rice Tard

Here is the newest custard snack from Korea – Rice tard:  Dude, don’t be a ricetard.  Found by way of Japan Probe and Brian Deutsch’s blog.

SXSW Interactive Trip

From today, (me) will be at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive festival in Austin, Texas. SXSW Interactive is one of the major internet festivals of the year, and I am really looking forward to it.  I’ll be wearing Engrish shirts and passing out stickers to all who want them. It’s my first time to […]

Engrish Uproar in China

According to the Google translation of this page on Sports (a popular Chinese news site) Guo Jingjing, the Chinese olympic champion pictured below: “just admit with just romance, but also in Hong Kong reported two rings buy hearsay.”   But the real scoop to this story is the Engrish shirt she is wearing, which is […]

More iTunes Engrish – Japanese OMiKuJi

There is another new iTunes software taking advantage of an Engrish explanation to gain poopularity: Japanese OMiKuJi. (we found this other one last October).  An omikuji is a random fortune written on a small piece of paper that you can obtain at a Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple with a small offering. Why bother to go to […]

Korean President fond of Brazilian men?

Below is a screenshot of an article from the English portion of a Korean publication. Looks like President Lee is either into Brazilian men or he got a nice shave…   You can click on the screenshot image to see the original website – as of today (2/5/09) it has not been corrected.  Thanks to […]

Iraqi Engrish in action!

Fresh from the heels of the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush, CNN features some great Iraqi Engrish! 

New Philadelphia Phillies Rallying Cry: “Why can’t us?”

Here’s the newest Engrish phrase craze you are bound to hear during the World Series this week: “Why can’t us?”.  Gotta love Philadephia Phillies fans – they have been waiting 25 years for a possible world championship, while the team has compiled the ‘losingest’ record in baseball (1st team to reach 10,000 losses anyway…). The phrase […]

National Punctuation Day

Today is National Punctuation Day which I am sure is an excellent cause for those anal about proper, placement, of, commas. My only concern is that as many overzealous Americans tend to do, they are extending themselves waaayy too far and are heading off to China with their Punctuation Playtime® program.   Why can’t these people just […]

Change you can beleeve in…

Now I don’t want to get political here at, but I couldn’t pass up posting this pic from the Republican Convention. That guy must figure that McCain is such a ‘mavrick’ that he doesn’t even need to spell the word correctly… Photo courtesy of Katahar.

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