First donation of $4,000 to Japan Red Cross occurs!

Figuring out the profit margins for our Japan relief shirt is not easy since I have yet to be billed for the shirt production, but I went ahead an sent an advance of $4,000 directly to the Japan Red Cross Society last Friday. A thank is made at here! For more information about the Japan […]

Shanghai World Expo – Engrish Update

Just when everyone including the New York Times thought that China was cleaning up all the Chinglish/Engrish in Shanghai in time for the Shanghai World Expo, I just got this Engrish that was taken at the expo itself. Turns out that the World Expo is actually generating new Engrish, just as I suspected! The Chinese […]

Do you really want to fly Uzbekistan Airways?

Check out Uzbekistan Airways’ new marketing slogan: “Successful landings at least 88% of the time!” Found by way of Seattle Weekly.

Michaelsoft Binbows

This photo of a Japanese used PC and computer parts shop has been making the rounds on the internet recently. It is not just a cheap rip-off of Microsoft Windows – the word ‘binbo’ (貧乏)in Japanese means ‘poor’, so the bilingual pun works on a promotional level as well (to sell their ‘ultra-cheap’ computer parts […]

Harry – You’re So Rock!

Harry Potter is so cool he generated some rockin’ Engrish: This photo was found on a major Finnish newspaper site called Ilta-Sanomat (Evening News) from an article entitled “The Boy Who Conquered the World” a couple of years back. The photo was taken in Japan. Thanks to Aino Pokela for the heads up (even though I am two […]

Shanghai seeks end to ‘Chinglish’

According to a new recycled article from the BBC, Shanghai wants to spruce up its image and clean up all the Chinglish around town in time for the World Expo Fair. Sounds like Shanghai is taking a cue from Beijing and the Olympics in 2008. Just last year Beijing announced to the world that they […]

MILF to Abide by Peace Process

MILF’s everywhere unite for peace! Well, this MILF is actually the Moro Islamic Liberation Front – the largest Muslim rebel group in the Philippines. I think they made their acronym to get attention from college ‘rebels’ in the US. As found in the Malaysian Newspaper “The Star”. Photo courtesy of Joe Choong.

Sexphone Competition Sign Fixed Already?

You probably recall this Engrish entry from this past Sunday: Well, looks like someone tipped them off and they have changed the sign already – only thing is it is still spelled wrong (saxophone has 2 “o’s”): Thanks for the update – Craig Winter!

Engrish on Tonight Show with Jay Leno

This was shown on the tonight show back  in May 2005. I kept the photo thinking that I could use it somewhore, sometime…  Thanks to Eric Brimhall for the pic.

Swine Flu Outbreak Engrish

The Japanese are very wary of new diseases making the rounds – during the SARS scare, hardly anyone went overseas. Since the new swine flu news hit, authorities have been checking people out at the international airports for fevers using heat sensing equipment: I also received this photo asking people to turn themselves in (to […]

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