Brazilian Engrish

Brazilian retail chain Marisa recently listed a sweatshirt with the phrase “great rapers tonight”. It was quickly taken down from the site once people starting writing in.

MILF braces for FAP offensive

This image circulated around the net a couple of years ago. MILF stands for the “Moro Islamic Liberation Front” in the Philippines. There is speculation that the FAP was photoshopped from AFP (“Armed Forces of the Philippines”).

Brog Post Occurs!

Just a quick note that I will get back to brogging here. It may not be every weekday as before, but I promise not to take 4 month breaks any more. Thank you for you! Steve –

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Another Red Cross Donation Occurs!

I have just donated another $1,500 directly to the Japan Red Cross today, based on profits generated from the sale of our Japan Relief Shirt at the store between March 15th and April 6th. It took over a day to calculate, but I was finally able to figure out the profits:  between March 15th and […]

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