Art Brakey

Submitter Matt Chamberlain wrote in with this pic: An Art Blakey record I bought in Tokyo … It is spelled ART BRAKEY and is made in red velvet.. An amazing package…. Looks like amazing detail was put into making the package – with just one exception…

Zippy Cartoon with Classic Engrish

This scan of a old Zippy comic was sent way back in 1998 before ‘Engrish’ was a popular word (it is referred to below as Japlish): Scan courtesy of Jun Akiyama.

We Condom Attack – The Origins

Here is another example of an Engrish photo that keeps reappearing on the net every now and then – so much so that we forget where it came from. This is a screenshot from a Pakistani website known as The Frontier Post, as submitted to me way back in 2002: Seems like they had really […]

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