Star Wars Ep 2 – Attack of the Clones Chinese Bootleg DVD

Now we are on to a second Star Wars bootleg DVD out of China. The photo was originally sent in to me in January 2003 and I haven’t seen it anywhere on the net. Glad I can share it now!    Photo courtesy of Jason Thai Huynh

Star Wars Episode 1 – Chinese Bootleg DVD

Here’s another bootlegged DVD that was sent to me a while back – Star Wars Episode 1. The description and movie credits are hilarious – they seem to be referencing 3 different films altogether!    Photo courtesy of Kevin Campbell.

Chinese iPhone Knockoff Engrish

Wired just found some Engrish used to describe some Chinese knockoffs of the Apple iPhone that are being sold on Actfind (your source for blatant rip offs of intellectual property from China!).  To the right is the “Shake to Control GSM Quad-band IP001” model, which looks like they just lifted an actual photo of the […]

Forrest Gump – Chinese Bootleg DVD

The Chinese have yet to stop bootlegging DVD’s for resale in their country, and I have many examples to prove it. Check out the quote from the New York Times below:  Click on image to see larger version.

Chinese Bootlegged Merchandise Pt 2 – Spiderman Rubik’s Cube

Here’s another hilarious scary example of Chinese bootlegged toys – the Spiderman Rubiks Cube, complete with Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer, Winnie the Pooh and Tinkerbell!  I wonder what the covered up side is has on it! Photos courtesy of “Anonymous”. See also the Superhero pack of toys.

Chinese Bootlegged Merchandise – Superhero Package

I receive a lot of submissions containing bootlegged merchandise from China – DVD covers, toys, etc. The toys are not always covered in Engrish, but they are funny amazing to look at because of the blatant disregard of copyrights.   Here we see Batman (DC Comics) mixed with The Hulk, Thing, Spiderman (Marvel) and incredibly – Mr. Incredible! […]

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