Da Vinci Code with Jim Carrey?

Here is the DVD back cover of a Chinese bootleg of The DaVinci Code. I didn’t realize that Jim Carrey was in the movie… And was he from Amorica? Photo courtesy of Denis Komarov.

Superhero Black Market Mix!

It’s an awesome black market mix – all the super heroes is come!  Hey, leave it to the Chinese manufacturers to bring us some efficiency that we can only dream about here in the U.S. – I see DC, Marvel, Disney and possibly Bandai (?) all in one mix together here: They don’t look so […]

Walt Disney Presents Superman!

Fake or not? You be the judge: Photo courtesy of Chot Whetherington. Found at Asian market in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Blade Runner Bootleg DVD (warning: contains vulgar language)

Looks like the director’s cut is just one for the boys! (see 2nd paragraph): Photo courtesy of Caroline Hall. Found at a market in China.

Pirated Pirates of the Caribbean

These screen-caps were sent in from someone who received a bootlegged DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean from Taiwan: Screencaps courtesy of Karen H.

House Bootleg DVD

Photo taken of a bootleg House DVD package (from China?): Photo courtesy of Chinie Hidalgo Diaz.

Another Lord of the Rings Bootleg DVD from China

  I found yet another DVD bootleg that was sent in way back in 2002 – probably produced by a video camera taping the movie in a theater: Photo courtesy of Hannah Teoh. Hannah said that the Mandarin Chinese is correct.

Matrix 3 DVD Bootleg Cover

I have no idea how they came up with this far off subtitle in English – pretty bizarre…  Cover contains Korean, but found in China.

Moot the Family!

Another fabulous DVD bootleg – this time of the Family Guy. The DVD was found in Vietnam, but likely manufactured in China.  Photo courtesy of Christian Oppermann.

Lord of the Rings – Bootleg DVD

Here is the back of a bootlegged DVD cover for Lord of the Rings that someone found in China.  The text was taken verbatim from the description for Vanilla Sky! Photo courtesy of Aaron Arndt.

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