I prefer Pajlo Picasso…

Photo courtesy of Blair Bowman. Shirt spotted in Shanghai, China.

I wouldn’t think of peaching you!

This is decoration piece purchased in China: I was going to post on the main site, but I didn’t want to shrink the text any more than this. Photo courtesy of Megan Kallevig.

iPod Bootleg

Found in a questionable electronics store in Wenzhou, China: ipoo, therefore i am. Photo courtesy of Maxime Gravelle.

Super Babies: Baby Geniuses 2 Bootleg DVD

Apparently the movie was so bad that the Chinese felt obligated to put an accurate review on the DVD packaging: Or maybe they just lifted it from Wikipedia which references the above quote… Photo courtesy of Adam Preece. Bootleg DVD found in China.

Was there a Death Star in K-PAX?

This bootleg DVD of K-PAX was found in China: Here is a close up of the back side – an unfortunate transcription of the English synopsis: Photo courtesy of Adam Preece. Bootleg DVD found in China.

Teletubbies Bootleg from China

What have they done to Tinky Winky?  Is he not gay anymore? Photo courtesy of Julie Tran.

Bootleg Gibson Sticker

Gibson Original Equipment? You be the judge: Actually submitter Jon Allen writes in: Hi, love the site, came across this sticker on a bootleg Chinese Gibson Les Paul copy that came through the store where I work. It should read “Bench tested – builder approved”

Home of the Bony Walkman…

Not sure how China is supposed to take over the world if they can’t come up with their own original brands… Found in Shanghai, China. Photo courtesy of “MomDad”.

Raiders of the Lost Ark Bootleg DVD

Here is a hilarious bootlegged DVD of Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark (both front and back). This is all so wrong… Wait, was this actress in the movie again? Did they superimpose Harrison Ford’s head on someone from Excalibur? Now it is all clear… Scan courtesy of Daniel Callister.

Have we become that politically correct?

Superheroes may no longer be gender biased. Can’t wait to see SuperPerson and BatPerson! Actually a Spiderman bootleg product found in the U.S. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Ho.

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