Izod Accost?

Izod Lacoste knockoff shirt from China.

Take the ISPEP challenge

Spotted in Tonghua, China. Photo courtesy of Bonnie Puckett. 

James Spader must be making a fortune…

Photo courtesy of Yuma Tripp. Toy imported from China. 

This one I don’t get…

It’s an obvious McDonald’s rip-off, but how did they come up with Michael Alone?

Snow White Bootleg DVD

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to the mall we go… Bootleg DVD from China.

Not Washinghan DC, the other Washinghan

She wore that to womecoming… Photo courtesy of Carl Becker.  Spotted in China. 

Couldn’t be any worse than the real thing…

Found in a Nanjing Mall (China). 

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