Blade Runner Bootleg DVD (warning: contains vulgar language)

Looks like the director’s cut is just one for the boys! (see 2nd paragraph): Photo courtesy of Caroline Hall. Found at a market in China.

Pirated Pirates of the Caribbean

These screen-caps were sent in from someone who received a bootlegged DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean from Taiwan: Screencaps courtesy of Karen H.

The Dark Knight – Bootleg DVD

Found in Peshawar, Pakistan, but probably of Chinese origin. Photo courtesy of Lauritz Austensen.

House Bootleg DVD

Photo taken of a bootleg House DVD package (from China?): Photo courtesy of Chinie Hidalgo Diaz.

Engrish tshir fro Russi

This bootleg tshirt was bought in Moscow Russia. The submitter speculates that it was made in China or Turkey.  Photo courtesy of Sergei Menshov. Image was not photoshopped.

Duracell Battery Rip-off

These Dinacell batteries can be found in the US on occasion.  The funny part about them is the backside packaging – apparently you need a baseball player to work it just right…  Photos courtesy of Don Morrison.

Crust vs. Crend – Battle of the Crest Rip-offs

There are rip-offs of US brands all over the world, but maybe one of the biggest is Crest toothpaste. ‘Crust’ can be found in Africa and parts of the middle east, whereas ‘Crend’ is from Iran.   Not sure that I want any Crust on my teeth, but it should also be noted that with […]

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