Sharpie or Skerpie

The Skerpie packaging is so eerily close to the Sharpie packaging, that it leads me to believe that they were made in the same factory…

Look, up in the sky!

Bootleg toy from China:

Terminator 2 – Bootleg DVD

Funny, I don’t remember all the scenes from Iceland… Photo courtesy of Zach D.

Apple Stoers popping up all over China!

A couple of Americans living in Kunming China discovered 3 new Apple Stores within 10 minutes walking distance of each other. At least the one pictured above is easy enough to spot as a fake, but apparently each store was an amazing replica of real Apple Stores, complete with staff wearing blue t-shirts (who actually […]

I prefer Pajlo Picasso…

Photo courtesy of Blair Bowman. Shirt spotted in Shanghai, China.

iPod Bootleg

Found in a questionable electronics store in Wenzhou, China: ipoo, therefore i am. Photo courtesy of Maxime Gravelle.

The hppaiest place on earth

Photo courtesy of J.P. Spotted in Seoul, Korea.

Super Babies: Baby Geniuses 2 Bootleg DVD

Apparently the movie was so bad that the Chinese felt obligated to put an accurate review on the DVD packaging: Or maybe they just lifted it from Wikipedia which references the above quote… Photo courtesy of Adam Preece. Bootleg DVD found in China.

Was there a Death Star in K-PAX?

This bootleg DVD of K-PAX was found in China: Here is a close up of the back side – an unfortunate transcription of the English synopsis: Photo courtesy of Adam Preece. Bootleg DVD found in China.

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