Japan’s New First Lady Has Been to Outer Space

By now you may have heard – the new first lady of Japan, Miyuki Hatoyama, has been to Venus and back on a flying saucer, and used to be friends in a former life with Tom Cruise.

Road sign problems in Wales, UK

The English portion of the sign is fine, but the Welsh underneath it reads:  “I am not in the office at the moment. Please send any work to be translated.”  Apparently the sign makers just used what they thought was the translation but was actually an automatic email response from the translator.  When reading about this […]

Visit gravesite and talk to the dead on your cell phone

84% of Japanese now use QR codes with their cell phones – QR codes represent a packet of information such as text, hyperlinks, photos, and sound. When using cell phones one simply takes a picture of the code and you can see the resulting information on your phone. Most often they are used in ads […]

Japan – More Pets than Kids

With all the depressing talk about declining birth rates and whole towns dying in Japan (there aren’t enough crematoriums to keep up!), there is one population that is rising – pets!  According to this article (in Japanese), pets now outnumber children in Japan.  Japan is officially pet crazy. As in – almost as crazy and pampering […]

Japanese police find dead body… wait… a blow up doll

Apparently someone in Japan had no-where to throw away his life sized blow up doll, so he tied it up and threw it in the forest. A mad scramble ensued when someone mistook it for a corpse:  Fifteen officers were dispatched to the scene, where they discovered a human form wrapped in plastic and tightly […]

Japanese take the least amount of vacation time…

Given that today is Labor Day in the US and Canada, I thought this article from Business Media Makoto was appropriate (article in Japanese).  It turns out that of 9 industrial nations profiled, SURPRISE! – Japanese nationals take the least amount of vacation from work. The article cites the following data from research done by […]

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