OOPS, formerly Prior Objective Ongoing Project… Photo courtesy of Grant Bielefeld. Employment agency in Kyoto, Japan.¬†

Holly Kraps!

Found in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo courtesy of Martin Sebastian Wain. †

Just… dont…

Found in the parking garage of Hotel Intercontinental in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  Photo courtesy of David Preece.  

I never liked “J” anyway…

Easter egg alphabet decoration stickers found in the US (made in China): Photo courtesy of Kurt.

Not sure what this is for…

Spotted in Korea.

If you live here, you’re a hypocrite.

Found on a box of dates from Saudi Arabia… Photo courtesy of Rashid.¬†

The Wurst!

Contributor Nick La Riviere writes in: “This is in Cuxhaven, Germany. ¬†Bad means bath, as in hot springs, but still it’s an unfortunate hotel name.” Filed under “Almost Engrish”

I was born this way

Found in Pudon, Shanghai. Photo courtesy of Yoshi. 

Prices were too low for JOJO

Store spotted in Taiwan.

Ingenious Counter Attack

Subtitle from Japanese anime “Yu-Gi-Oh! GX”

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