Lost 7 of them last week…

Locals: you’re on your own.

THE franchise store of kids

Photo courtesy of Kiiient. Spotted in Beijing, China. 

Not quite Engrish but…

Made me chuckle, but not sure exactly why…

Long Dongs everywhere

I know it is a cheap joke, but these still make me chuckle… Photo courtesy of Graham Bond.

Soever you want

Shopping bags in Japan often have nonsensical English on them for decoration. This one, filed under “Almost Engrish”, was handed out at a trade show in Japan to English speaking visitors. Not quite wrong, but cute and quirky: Photo courtesy of Sean Householder.

MILF braces for FAP offensive

This image circulated around the net a couple of years ago. MILF stands for the “Moro Islamic Liberation Front” in the Philippines. There is speculation that the FAP was photoshopped from AFP (“Armed Forces of the Philippines”).

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