Unfortunate store name

Found in Chang Mai, Thailand.

Europeans make misteaks too…

Photo courtesy of Adnan Dervisevic. Per Adnan: “Hushållssopor means kitchen waste in Sweden and I stumbled upon this gem at the Skövde campus in Sweden”

Dead drunk? No bath for you.

I guess they made the sign for a reason… Photo courtesy of Robert Seib. Found in Japan.  

Do you have a double bled?

Hotel in Rome, Italy.  Photo courtesy of Willow Colios.

Milan Whore

Local tourist guidebook, actually entitled “Where”.

This explains the lean horse meat.

“Horse Oil” shampoo and soap products are not uncommon in Japan.

If you don’t care how you look…

Clothing store found in Macau. Filed under “Almost Engrish” 

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