Descartes ‘Engrish’ shirt

I have a lot of photos of shirts with Engrish gibberish on them – many of them are more incoherent than funny so I just kind of put them to the side. This photo caught my eye last night as I was reviewing pics. Just as I was contemplating putting it up as an Engrish of the […]

Where’s that smell coming from?

I originally posted this as an Engrish of the Day recently and it received a really low ranking. I am guessing that it was poorly received because it is more an unfortunate spelling than actual Engrish. I still find it hilarious.  Photo courtesy of Ken Halton. Guessing it is from Chinatown in Vancouver, Canada.

Feel the Magic Atmosphere in Ephesus, Turkey

I have received various photos of this sign about 15 times over the years, and even though I thought it was funny it really falls into the category of “Almost Engrish”:  The sign is found in the ancient city of Ephesus, Turkey – a popular tourist spot. Perhaps millions have felt the magic here. Most […]

I’ve had enough of Goofy already…

In the category of “Almost Engrish” (Engrishy, but not quite Engrish) I present this photo. It made me chuckle so I wanted to share: 

Swastikas as Design Elements in Japan/Asia

Throughout the years I have noticed a few submissions here and there that feature swastikas (or what appear to be swastikas) as design elements in various items. Some, like the first photo below, are scary, but many of them do not always represent the Nazi party from WW2.   This t-shirt found in a sushi […]

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